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arclite® offers Products and Services for Professional Lighting.

Emotional Shopping.

Light sets Shopping Impulses.

In shopfitting light plays a crucial role. Because light liberates emotions which control buying impulses. For this arclite® offers its customers the complete range of products and services of the highest German quality. more»

Light that adapts.

Tuneable White.

Especially in the highly competitive retail sector, lighting can be the deciding factor that attracts a business or a product in the view of the customer. Tuneable White is "intelligent" light that directs shop visitors, leads and convinces. more»

Consulting, Design, Service.

Lighting Solutions to the Point.

arclite® provides not only luminaires, but also offers its customers an excellent all-round service - profound advice and lighting design especially for shop lighting, in cooperation with experienced and knowledgeable electricians. All from one hand. more»

Supermarket Company.

energy mind® Food.

Light plays a crucial role in the optimal design of planned shopping worlds. Especially when it comes to fresh products at the grocery store, bought with the subconscious mind. Nothing is left to chance. more»

Fast. Easy. Online.

Coming shortly: The arclite® eShop.

arclite® You can soon apply directly online for arclite® luminairesin our B-to-B section. In our new online store, you get everything you need to work accurately with light.

The entire spectrum in respect of light – the ideas come from arclite®

When it comes to professional lighting, since nearly 25 years arclite® is one of the top addresses in Europe and Middle East. We offer our customers not only a complete range of lighting products and services, but with our custom lighting solutions also the extensive experience, expertise and ideas of our employees.

At about ten locations in Germany, Austria and the United Arab Emirates arclite® offers its customers excellent products and services related to professional lighting. Thereby we assist our clients specifically on design and realization of their ideas. We distribute our products not only domestically, but deliver to customers worldwide. Here, after a mutual lighting design, we set sales areas, hotels or offices skilfully into scene with light.

The valuable manufacturing of our luminaires mainly „Made in Germany“ we execute at attractive prices. The dynamic and effective usage of light, which assists you to create individual worlds of experience and atmospheres, is thereby always our basic service guide.

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